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responsive screens We are the International Prison Chaplains Association (IPCA) Africa Region.
This is one of the six regions of IPCA Worldwide and other regions are: Asia, Europe, Latina America and Caribbean, North America, and Oceania. IPCA is the network of Prison Chaplains Worldwide.

Prison chaplains are members of the ordained clergy or laity sometimes, accredited to the extent possible by their Churches and their national States to ensure the spiritual well-being of prisoners. The interpretation of the work they do in prisons, that is to say, the understanding of it, opportunities and status varies according to the variety of cultural contexts. The IPCA heart beats to the rhythm of the ties between the people of these different places.

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IPCA and internationalism

The creation of the International Prison Chaplains Association reflects the contemporary development of internationalism.

Professionals from all spheres of life have come to realize that nowadays the means of transport and communications facilitate international contacts. The share of ideals is common in many international lay organizations because it allows the increase of professional understanding, mutual support, and standardization of ideals in workplace, the creation of a platform for expression of concerns and the enthusiastic acceptance of work despite difficult circumstances.

All this relates to the fact that in church circles, there is a long tradition of international links. For centuries, religious denominations have spread around the world as part of missionary work.

In recent years there has been more focus on all ecumenical activity - particularly in the areas of work, such as prison ministry, where the expression of social concerns does not compromise dogmas. The will to work according to ecumenism has always been the mark of IPCA. When we speak of ecumenism in IPCA, this ecumenism is only for Christocentric or Christian communities.

IPCA and regional development

It was always envisaged that the International Prison Chaplains Association (IPCA) should have regional organizations.

This happened in Europe, where meetings were held in Helsinki (1988), Strasbourg (1992), Rugby (1994) and Ystad (1997) and often in various European countries. More limited specialized meetings were also organized. The Association has a network in Oceania; a conference was held in Brisbane in 1996 and others are planned in other regions. The mission of the current President of IPCA Africa is to organize a meeting for African chaplains in Africa, as we will have one in DRCongo from 15-17 March.


responsive screens The election of a steering committee was an important characteristic of all international conferences. We have always felt that the committee should have members from many Christian denominations and representatives from all regions of the world.

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