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Declaration Australia, 2015

We, 250 Prison Chaplains from 50 countries, participants of the IPCA world conference meeting from September 19th to 24th 2015 in Sydney, Australia, are united, encouraged and equipped for the challenges of globalisation with its advantages and disadvantages for our societies and their different correctional systems.
We address this declaration to all Government and Churches, as well as to Prisoners, Victims and our fellow Prison Chaplains.


Declaration Sweden, 2010

The 6TH International Prison Chaplains’ Association Worldwide Conference held at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden from 20-25 August 2010, attended by 320 participants from 69 countries representing all regions in the world, with the theme ”Forgotten People”
Bearing in mind the wonderful biblical stories that reveal the unconditional love of God and His Mercy and Compassion and who fulfils His promises;


Declaration Canada, 2005

We, 325 Prison Chaplains from 70 countries, members of IPCA meeting from August 19-24,2005 in NAV Canada Training Centre in Cornwall Ontario, have shared our experiences and discovered that “ ¡ No estamos solos !”, we are not alone.
We feel united, encouraged and equipped, and are committed more than ever to share God's love and restoring justice. We offer thanks to all who have made this possible, especially in Canada.

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