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IPCA, Churches and Donors

The rise of IPCA would not have been possible without the financial support of several churches. The organization of global conferences and Steering Committee meetings is costly.

The Lutheran World Federation has provided the initial funding. The Evangelical Church in Germany (EDK) brought later his generous and continuous support to do so. The Correctional Service of Canada also contributed largely to keep the association afloat. The Swedish Protestant Church did the same recently and Correctional Service of Australia and many other people and donors have given money to support the vision and mutual support that has been the cornerstone of IPCA.

IPCA and the International Commission on Prison Pastoral Care (ICCPPC)

In addition to IPCA, there is the International Commission on Prison Pastoral Care (ICCPPC), which represents the workers of the Catholic pastoral in prison worldwide. Following the initiative of Bishop Cesare CURIONI in Helsinki in 1988, ties have been established between IPCA and ICCPPC. An official representative of ICCPPC is part of the representatives of IPCA Steering Committee. The structure of IPCA differs from that of the Commission in the sense that its conferences are opened to all Christian chaplains. IPCA is a movement to which may be associated all basic Christian prison chaplain.

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